Princess Elisabeth Antarctica

Princess Elisabeth Antarctica

For decades, Antarctica has been the home of science and an example for preservation governance. The International Polar Foundation signed the return of Belgium on the continent with the first ever “zero emission” station: Princess Elisabeth Antarctica.

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  • Stephen Bracke gets a hand from engineer Johnny Gaelens as he takes measurements of Earth's magnetic field in the shelter the station team set up this season for the GEOMAG project. - © International Polar Foundation / Alain Hubert

    A successful season for the GEOMAG project

    With Earth’s magnetic poles in the Polar Regions, Antarctica is an interesting place to study the planet’s magnetic field. Stephan Bracke from the Belgian Royal Meteorological…

  • Princess Elisabeth Antarctica at twilight. There is no more 24-hour daylight at the end of the summer research season in Antarctica. - © International Polar Foundation / Alain Hubert

    Last day at station for BELARE 10 team

    Today the BELARE 10 team closes the station for the winter and starts the journey back to Belgium. Over the past week, everyone has been busy finishing up their work for…

  • The Princess Elisabeth team takes a short break to take a group photo. - © International Polar Foundation

    Ten days left before the end of the season

    BELARE 10 leader Alain Hubert recounts finishing the technical facilities and garage ahead of schedule, and thanks the team who has made everything possible.

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One Project, Multiple dimensions


Concept & Design

The design of the Princess Elisabeth Station goes well beyond the package. Every aspect of the station was worked and re-worked to minimize energy and material loss while optimizing performance and space.

Engineering work


The Construction

two seasons of building were needed for the Princess Elisabeth Station to become entirely operational and welcome its first scientists. From 2004 onwards, follow the history of the station as it unfolds.

Construction steps


Zero Emission

Princess Elisabeth Antarctica is a puzzle that took existing parts and reassembled them in an innovative way. As a prototype, the station is subjected to perpetual improvements to its efficiency, autonomy, and equipments.

Zero Emission Station


Polar Science

A new station in a vastly unexplored region of Antarctica, Princess Elisabeth Antarctica provides scientists with a wide variety of research environments and the necessary support to conduct their research in the best conditions.

Scientific projects