Taking pictures and filming on the ice

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Every season, we publish pictures from Antarctica and we now have quite an archive available. You can follow the life of the Princess Elisabeth Station from its debuts in Brussels until now.

  • Scientists at Work

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    Scientists at Work

    Just like Antarctica, the Princess Elisabeth Station is dedicated to science. This year, the station welcomes Irina Gorodetskaya (KULeuven), Steve Roberts (British Antarctic Survey) & Elie Verleyen (UGent) for DELAQUA,…

  • JARE 51 at their base camp

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    JARE 51 at their base camp

    With Alain Hubert's expert guidance, the members of the JARE 51 expedition are now at the place where they their base camp will be for three weeks.

  • HYDRANT-project in Utsteinen

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    HYDRANT-project in Utsteinen

    HYDRANT (HYDRologic system of ANTarctica) is a project designed by Prof. Nicole van Lipzig from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KUL).The project aims to investigate the atmospheric part of the…

  • Census of Antarctic Marine Life (CAML)

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    Census of Antarctic Marine Life (CAML)

    During the BELARE 2008-09 expedition, Henri Robert, Alain De Broyer and Antoine Joris boarded the Ivan Papanin ship on its way to Breid Bay (200 km away from the Princess Elisabeth…

  • Antarctic Birds

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    Antarctic Birds

    The Antarctic is also filled with birds of all kinds, notably penguins, skuas and petrels. Check out what the expedition photographer, René Robert, was able to catch on film…

  • Seals at the Coast

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    Seals at the Coast

    A seal colony invited the reconnaissance team to stop for a break along the coast of Crown Bay. Here are a few snapshots from their get-together!