Princess Elisabeth Antarctica

The First "Zero Emission" Polar Research Station

For decades, Antarctica has been the home of science and an example for preservation governance. The International Polar Foundation signed the return of Belgium on the continent with the first ever “zero emission” station: Princess Elisabeth Antarctica.

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Our plane taking off from Utsteinen - International Polar Foundation

The Journey Home Begins…

Princess Elisabeth Antarctica's systems are now in winter mode, following the team's departure on February 25, bringing to the successful 2013-2014 research season to a close.

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One Project, Multiple Dimensions

The Construction

Various seasons of planning and two seasons of building were needed for the Princess Elisabeth Station to become entirely operational and welcome its first scientists. From 2004 onwards, follow the history of the station as it unfolds.

Construction Steps

Zero Emission

Although not relying on any "new" technologies to function, the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica is a puzzle that took existing parts and reassembled them in an innovative way. As a prototype, the station is subjected to constant evolution and perpetual improvements to its efficiency, autonomy, and equipments.

Zero Emission Station

Polar Science

The Princess Elisabeth Station located in a little explored area of the continent. A new station in a vastly unexplored region, Princess Elisabeth Antarctica provides scientists with the necessary support to conduct their research in the best conditions possible.

A Scientific Platform

Educational Resources

The International Polar Foundation aims at improving knowledge of the Polar Regions and the consequences of climate change. We believe that a better-informed person will be able to make better-informed choice, which is why a wide variety of educational tools are available for free on our educational website.

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