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Interested in what's happening down at Princess Elisabeth? News and press releases are posted here regularly to keep you updated about what is going on during the various seasons.

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  • Drilling on the King Baudoin Ice Shelf - © International Polar Foundation / Jos Van Hemelrijck

    Back from an adventure at the coast!

    The team of scientists who spent a few weeks on the King Baudoin Ice Shelf has returned from their field expedition and is preparing to head home in time for…

  • Alexander and Quentin tying up a weather balloon before releasing it - © International Polar Foundation / Jos van Hemelrijck

    New toys for Antarctica’s Aerosol Men

    Dr Alexander Mangold from the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI) of Belgium is now on his sixth season in Antarctica. He and his colleague Dr Quentin Laffineur have been busy with…

  • The King Baudouin Ice Shelf - © International Polar Foundation / Alain Hubert

    A drill stuck in the ice

    The scientists at the coast have been extracting ice and firn cores from various sites across the King Baudouin Ice Shelf. The shallow firn core drillings Jan Lenearts has been…

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