Taking pictures and filming on the ice


Through these small videos, we hope to give you a taste of what it is like to work and live at the Princess Elisabeth Station. We tried to cover a broad range of topics and uploaded parts of our archives to do so. We hope you'll like it.

  • Glaciology explained

    in Science

    Glaciology explained

    Glaciologists from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) in Belgium talk about their research for the IceCon project, both in the field in Antarctica and in their laboratory back…

  • A successful season for Jan Lenaerts

    in Science, Interviews

    A successful season for Jan Lenaerts

    Jan Lenaerts, the 2014 Inbev-Baillet Latour laureate is really happy with the work he was able to accomplish during the 2014-2015 BELARE expedition and with the support he got from the…

  • Iceberg calving explained

    in Science

    Iceberg calving explained

    While examining satellite sea ice data, Nighat Amin of the International Polar Foundation spotted that a 70 km2 iceberg had calved off the tip of the King Baudouin Ice Shelf in…

  • Stormy weather at Utsteinen

    in Daily Life

    Stormy weather at Utsteinen

    A bad storm hit Utsteinen last weekend on Saturday. This video provides a quick glimpse of what a storm in Antarctica looks and feels like.

  • Drilling and radar measurements at the coast

    in Science

    Drilling and radar measurements at the coast

    We followed the IceCon crew during their expedition in November and December. ULB glaciologists Jean Louis Tison and Frank Pattyn took the time to explain their research, what glaciology can…

  • First drone flies over Utsteinen

    in Daily Life

    First drone flies over Utsteinen

    Our electrical engineer, Karel Moerman, brought a drone with him to Antarctica this year. We've taken aerial images of the station from an ultra light aircraft before, but this…

  • Belgian scientists back in Belgium

    in Science, Interviews

    Belgian scientists back in Belgium

    After spending over a month in Antarctica, the first group of scientists and crew members left the Princess Elisabeth station and headed back to Belgium in time to spend Christmas…