Taking pictures and filming on the ice


Through these small videos, we hope to give you a taste of what it is like to work and live at the Princess Elisabeth Station. We tried to cover a broad range of topics and uploaded parts of our archives to do so. We hope you'll like it.

  • Par-delà les banquises

    in Daily Life

    Par-delà les banquises

    "Par-delà les banquises", a movie directed by Dominique Kopp in the framework of the 2007-2008 International Polar Year, explores Antarctica and its paradoxes. The movie leads us through the…

  • Base Camp during BELARE 2007-2008

    in Daily Life

    Base Camp during BELARE 2007-2008

    This short film travels back in time to the first Princess Elisabeth construction phase of 2007-2008. Find out what the conditions were like at the Utsteinen base camp and see…

  • Hauling the Equipment in From the Coast

    in Logistics

    Hauling the Equipment in From the Coast

    The equipment load necessary to build the station was carried to the base camp, over almost 200 km, using three "Prinoth" tractors and eight sledges. In total, it took the team 18…

  • Touring the Station

    in Daily Life

    Touring the Station

    The station has been closed and is entirely insulated. The room dividers have now been added, suggesting the time has come to offer a tour of the inside of the…

  • Night Has Returned

    in Daily Life

    Night Has Returned

    This time, it's for good: night time has returned. When the sun dissapears,the moon comes out to follow the Prinoth convoy returning from the coast. Here is a short…

  • Flooring Insulation

    in Building the station

    Flooring Insulation

    The last stage of the construction involves laying the insulation layer against the building, including down on the floor. This work requires a lot of precision and an insulated layer…

  • Wind Blows Over Base Camp

    in Daily Life

    Wind Blows Over Base Camp

    After having witnessed perpetual sunlight, Antarctica is now showing its true nature. The time has come for a good storm. When the wind blows, snow gets in through the slightest…

  • Life at Base Camp: The Kitchen

    in Daily Life

    Life at Base Camp: The Kitchen

    The main role of the Utsteinen cooks is to feed the troops and motivate them to work. It is important that the cooks are prepared and on time, but above…