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We hope that these videos and picture galleries will give you a feeling of what it is like to live and work in Antarctica. You will also find a lot of material related to the construction of the station.

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  • Testing the relay at the station before heading to Vesthaugen Nunatak. - © International Polar Foundation

    Installing the New Relay Antenna at Vesthaugen Nunatak

    IPF engineers and technicians spent two days at Vesthaugen Nunatak, halfway between the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica Research Station and the new Perseus Intercontinental Airstrip, installing a new wireless relay.…

  • The old garage was anchored in the ice. As the ice moved and shifted, so did the walls of the garage. This season, as the movement of the ice over ten years had displaced the structure of the old garage quite a bit, it was time to build a new one. - © International Polar Foundation

    Constructing a New Garage

    The garage on the north side of the station has been in sevice for ten years already, and over that peridod of time, the ice it has been standing on…

  • Installing solar panels on each side of the mobile container unit. - © International Polar Foundation

    Building Solar Power Units for Scientists

    BELARE engineers Guus Luppens and Johan De Muylder have been hard at work building mobile solar-powered devices to provide scientists working in the field with renewable energy to power their…

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