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We hope that these videos and picture galleries will give you a feeling of what it is like to live and work in Antarctica. You will also find a lot of material related to the construction of the station.

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  • A Weddell seal rests on the sea ice. Weddell seals can swim and forage for food as deep as 600 metres for up to an hour. without having to comes up again for air. - © International Polar Foundation

    Encountering Wildlife at the Coast of Antarctica

    During scientific research expeditions and traverses to pick up supplies brought by cargo ship to the coast of East Antarctica, the possibility of encountering Antarctic wildlife is pretty high. Here…

  • While searching for a suitable site to unload the supply ship, Alain Hubert and Daniel Mercier come across a stunning bay still covered by sea ice. - © International Polar Foundation

    Antarctica’s Stunning Landscapes

    While searching for a suitable site on the coast of the Dornning Maud Land in East Antarctica to unload materials and supplies from cargo ships, BELARE Team Leader Alain Hubert…

  • The BELARE team on its way to the unloading site with the sun low on the horizon - © International Polar Foundation

    Traverses Collect Cargo Brought by Ship

    During the season 2019/2020, three heavily-loaded traverses were organised to transport cargo delivered by ship to the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica (PEA) Research Station. The more than 200 km journey between…

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