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New Year Brings Lots of Work for BELARE Team

Lots of work faced the BELARE team as 2024 arrived.

At the station, carpenters finished a protective cover between the roof of the annexes and the granite ridge upon which the staiton sits. This new cover will protect the annex walls from snow infiltration each time snow builds up.

Field guides and technicians contiuned to support the sceintific teams as they isntalled and tested instruments around PEA.

And after a breif delay, the cargo ship arrived at the Princess Ragnhild Coast on January 6th. Over 48 hours Alain Hubert and his team quickly unloaded the cargo destined form PEA from the boat and loaded the waste containers onto the ship. Waste from the station will head to South Africa to be recycled and disposed of according to Antarctic Treaty regulations. The team was happy to have fresh fruits and vegetables, batteries for the automatic weather station, and several other supplies that the hsip had carried down.

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