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Meeting the “Coldest Journey” team at Crown Bay

Sir Ranulph Fiennes and the "Coldest Journey" Expedition arrived at Crown Bay aboard the S.A. Agulhas, where the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica team gave them a hand with the unloading of the equipment they will use to attempt the first crossing of the Antarctic continent during winter.

  • Arrival of the S.A. Agulhas and positioning the crane above the unloading site.

  • Kristof, mechanic from Princess Elisabeth Antarctica, climbs on board.

  • Kristof and Walter on the S.A. Agulhas.

  • The S.A. Agulhas was anchored in a crevasse, which helps it remaining stable during the unloading.

  • With part of the ice shelf breaking off this year, new unloading possibilities were created at crown bay. Time to test them!

  • And so the unloading begins. This is a very old tractor from the sixties that the English team will use to haul their sledges to the ice-shelf.

  • This is the kind of more up to date tractors the Coldest Journey team will use to haul their heavy equipment during the Antarctic winter.

  • A closer view of this monster of a tractor.

  • A demo of one of the special tents conceived to heat the tractors and allow its engine to start, despite very cold temperatures.

  • One of the 14 heavy sledges used to transport fuel in bladders rather than in drums to shave off some weight.

  • Mike Stroud supervising the transfer of 100,000 litres of fuel into the bladders on the sledges.

  • Duncan is controlling the fully loaded fuel bladders.

  • One of the very impressive 30-foot long (10m) technical containers the expedition will use for its six months traverse.

  • One of our Prinoth tractors facing Crown Bay after participating in the successful unloading.

  • Crown Bay by night. Can you spot a few penguins on a drifting ice floe?