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Belgian scientists back in Belgium

After spending over a month in Antarctica, the first group of scientists and crew members left the Princess Elisabeth station and headed back to Belgium in time to spend Christmas with their families. We met with them in Zaventem Airport.

A proud family

Roger Radoux, the Belgian teacher who won the PolarQuest contest, was greeted by his parents, wife and daughter. He really enjoyed his stay at the station and meeting the whole station team.

After a short holiday break, Roger will start the educational part of the Polar Quest project with his students at the Athenée Royal d'Ans. We will of course keep you updated about what he's doing for Polar Quest.

Merry scientists

Both Jan Lenaerts, winner of the InBev-Baillet Latour Antarctica Fellowship and Morgane Phillipe, a ULB glaciologist, said their research missions in Antarctica this year were really successful. Despite a few days of really bad weather at the coast, they managed to complete their objectives. All scientists we talked to were very happy with their season, and also very pleased with the logistical support they recieved, both at the station and in the field.

Music: "Rêverie" by Ghost

Video: © International Polar Foundation / Fares Manners

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