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Drilling and radar measurements at the coast

We followed the IceCon crew during their expedition in November and December. ULB glaciologists Jean Louis Tison and Frank Pattyn took the time to explain their research, what glaciology can teach us, and the difficulties and successes they had while in the field this season.

Ice coring

Everything you ever wanted to know about ice cores! Learn how they form, what they look like, how scientists store them, and what information can be learned from them.

Jean Louis Tison also explains how the ice core drill got stuck deep in the ice and how they managed to get it out in the end.

Ice radar measurements

As Frank Pattyn explains, the bulk of Antarctica's ice loss happens at the bottom of ice shelves, where they are in contact with the ocean below.

To better understand what happens under the ice and provide data to improve their models, the IceCon team has been using ice radar to accurately measure the changes in ice thickness from year to year at the same locations on the King Baudoin Ice Shelf.

Video: © International Polar Foundation / Jos van Hemelrijck

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