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The JARE 51 Expedition

After the successful offloading of the Mary Arctica and the Shirase at Crown Bay, the Belgo-Japanese expedition departed on its traverse. Within the framework of the collaboration with JARE 51 (Japanese Antarctic Research), the Belgian BELARE team provided the Japanese expedition with logistical support.

During the traverse, the convoy faced white-out conditions and large crevasse zones, before passing by the former Japanese Asuka Station that was abandoned in 1991. This return to the past was a very emotional moment for those like Professor Tsushiya Noriyoshi, leader the JARE 51 expedition, who knew the base while it was still in use.

On January 2nd, the convoy finally reached the research site of the Japanese team at Balchenfjella Glacier, where the Belgians left a Prinoth with a driver and a mechanic to help with moving material.

Video: © International Polar Foundation

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