Johan Berte recieves the flag - © International Polar Foundation

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A Flag for the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica Station

Schoolchildren from the Hoogstraten communal primary school, located near Antwerp, have designed and made a flag for the Princess Elisabeth Station. The adventure started with an article in the newspaper, before it developed into a giant educational project on Antarctica. It enabled the schoolchildren from Hoogstraten to learn about the particularities of Antarctica's environment and about satellite communication.

The school's 5th and 6th graders visited the Station when it was pre-mounted in Brussels last September in Tour & Taxis. This was the best thing that could happen to them. The visit sparked huge enthusiasm amongst the children, arousing great interest and the desire to make something for the station.

After having given it some thoughts, it was decided that a flag would be made for the Station. Johan promised he would take the flag with him on his way to Antarctica and that he would raise it in Utsteinen. Enthusiasm amongst the schoolchildren grew even more intense as the flag was carefully wrapped up and packed in Johan's suitcase.

Since then, the Antarctic virus has invaded the whole school, as you can read on the Hoogstraten communal primary school's dedicated website.

Author: IPF

Picture: Johan Berte recieves the flag - © International Polar Foundation

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