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A German Village at the Coast

Being at the coast for a couple of weeks, scientists need to be able to work in good conditions. As an Antarctic Operator, it is our job to provide the infrastructure to allow these people to do their work under the best possible conditions.

Happy Germans

The German camp at the coast for the 5 scientists and 2 pilots from the Alfred Wegener Institute almost looked like a little village!

Here is what we installed:

  • Sleeping containers with beds and heating
  • A container with a kitchen and a dining room
  • An office container with wifi and radios
  • A snow melter unit to provide drinkable water and a generator for electricity
  • What we call a "technical container" with bathroom and toilets

These containers are on skis and can be moved if needed. We even created small modules to connect containers together so that people don't have to go outside to go from one container to the other. These "connection" modules can even be used when both containers are being pulled by a Prinoth tractor in a convoy!

All the containers in this tiny village were brought to the coast from the station. On our way back, we picked up the remaining containers unloaded from the Mary Arctica. It was quite a demanding job without much rest again, but everything went well and the Germans are very happy with their brand new "home".

A Great Team

Again, I would like to wholeheartedly thank the entire IPF team for the fantastic job they did during this mission! People have to realise that a lot of team members come here and face very harsh work conditions, because they believe in the station's "Zero Emission" target.

For all of us, Princess Elisabeth is an example of what can be accomplished today if we look at Climate Change not only as a threat to our societies, but also as an opportunity for us to change and adapt. Personally, it is also a way to help Belgium pursue the spirit of the Antarctic Treaty we signed in 1959.

Author: Alain Hubert

Picture: Accommodation container - © International Polar Foundation

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