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A Sixth Traverse for the New Year

The Ivan Papanin arrived in Cape Town during the night of December 28. Unloading operations lasted through December 29. Several waste containers and a few heavy drilling pieces were brought back to Cape Town to be disposed of or stored.

In Antarctica, the sixth traverse set out for the coast on December 31. While some of the team members will be on the road, others will continue to work on the construction site. There are 6 days left to finish up the concrete work (drying and setting) before the Prefalux construction crew arrives on Sunday January 6.

The cooks have prepared a special New Year's meal for the brave convoy haulers, packing it up carefully into a box to be eaten anytime along the way. Spending New Year's Eve in the middle of the white continent or along the coast is going to be quite an experience. Happy New Year to all!

Author: IPF

Picture: Convoy Crown Bay - Copyright: International Polar Foundation - © International Polar Foundation

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