Kids drawings in Antarctica - © International Polar Foundation / Alain Hubert

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Celebrating Antarctica Day

On December 1st, Princess Elisabeth Antarctica participated in “Antarctica Day” in celebration of Antarctic Treaty’s signature. Fifty kids from around the world sent us flags they made in the hope of seeing them in Antarctica. Here they are!

On December 1st 1959 12 different countries signed the original Antarctic Treaty. The now 50 treaty members celebrate "Antarctica Day" every December 1st.

To mark the fact that Antarctica is a continent dedicated to science and peace as well as a shining example of international cooperation, APECS, Our Spaces and Polar Educators International asked kids from all over the world to draw Antarctic flags. These drawings were then displayed in several Antarctic research stations.

Seeing their drawings in Antarctica makes the white continent a lot closer to these kids and their families. We really hope it helps people see Antarctica as an example of the international cooperation we need to tackle the challenges we currently face.

Author: Jérôme Coupé

Picture: Kids drawings in Antarctica - © International Polar Foundation / Alain Hubert

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