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Class Zero Emission

The interactive 'Class Zero Emission' exhibition centre will introduce students to the breathtaking world of the Arctic and Antarctic. Through this interactive exhibition centre, students will learn about the landscape and animal life so typical to these regions and discover the research and exploration undertaken around the poles. By trying things out for themselves, students will carry out experiments and learn all about how these fragile regions are essential when it comes to studying climate change. The exhibition centre allows students to get involved in the global debate on climate change and encourages them to look for sustainable solutions to their everyday way of life.

The exhibition centre also devotes a special chapter to the unique 'Princess Elisabeth Antarctica' station, first 'zero emission' research station. It offers instructive information about the preparation expeditions, the two-year construction period, the station's technology and the polar scientific research which is using the station as a hub.

The exhibition centre also offers educational packages which can later be used to conduct a fascinating class project. These packages are a good supplement to the exhibition centre, but can also be used as stand-alone tools in the classroom or at home.

'Class Zero Emission' was initiated by the International Polar Foundation, with the support of both the Flemish and French communities' governments - the exhibition centre is located nearby Brussels South station at - Tweestationsstraat 120A - 1070 Brussels. Entry is free of charge. Allow 2 to 3 hours for the exhibition's visit. Tailor-made class animations are available for students from 10 to 18 years old.

Practical information :

CZE offers interactive workshops in French and Dutch. Given the national scale of this project, the workshops will be given in each language one week out of two (one week in French, then one week in Dutch).

Opening days : Monday - Tuesday - Thursday

Opening hours : 9am to 12 pm / 1pm to 4pm

Thank you for filling out the inscription form with the period and day of your choice.

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Picture: Class Zero Emission - © International Polar Foundation

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