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Flooring Goes On

A new traverse team arrived back in Utsteinen early this morning, January 23. Although they had some trouble with one of the Prinoth tractors, the remaining tractors came in with eight containers. Work on the outside floor will be able to continue.

The outside flooring is an important step in the construction (strong winds could bring in humidity if the floor weren't finished). Finishing off the floor therefore seems to be a priority for the moment. Fortunately, the new arrival of material from the coast will allow the builders to place the outside stainless steel layer against the EPDM liner and insulation layer.

With 44 containers left at the coast, 6 traverses remain to be carried out. However, with one Prinoth down (no one seems to know why the track jammed), the traverse pace may be slowed down.

Weather Information from Utsteinen

Date 23.01.2008
Time 08 54 UTC

  • Wind Direction: 100 deg
  • Wind Speed: 4 km/h
  • Visibility: 10 + km
  • Cloud ceiling: 5900 feet
  • Temperature: -8.4°C
  • Pressure (QNH): 834 hPa

Author: IPF

Picture: Welcoming the Traverse Team - Copyright: International Polar Foundation - © International Polar Foundation

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