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Inside the Station Exhibition Opens in Brussels

While the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica team are toiling away in the frozen south, you can see if you're up to the challenge of living in Antarctica! Starting Saturday December 22nd, you can visit Inside the Stationa unique and insightful exhibition about life at Princess Elisabeth Antarctica. Located at Tour & Taxis exposition centre in Brussels, Inside the Station is welcoming visitors of all ages until May 31st, 2013.

Inside the Station will take you on an interactive journey inside the legendary Princess Elisabeth Antarctica, the world’s first zero emission polar research station. People of all ages will experience what it’s like to live and work in the frozen south, learn about polar science, and the continuing evolution of the wind and solar-powered centre for international polar scientific research.

“In 2007, an incredible 35,000 people came to Tour & Taxis to see Princess Elisabeth Antarctica for themselves before it was shipped south to Antarctica”, said International Polar Foundation Executive Director Thierry Touchais. “Now it’s our pleasure to welcome the public to once again share in the success story that is Princess Elisabeth Antarctica”.

Inside the Station features amazing reconstructions that give you the opportunity to experience firsthand:

  • The technologies used at Princess Elisabeth Antarctica– the electrical smart grid, the renewable energy systems, and more
  • The incredible Antarctic environment - including glaciers, rugged mountains, blue ice fields and exotic wildlife
  • Logistics – the arduous yet exciting journey to the Antarctic – using satellites, aircraft, ships, and tractors
  • The Science – the scientific programmes at Princess Elisabeth Antarctica, which help us to learn more about our planet, its climate and how it works
  • Daily Life – Working, eating, sleeping and managing energy use in the remote and frozen South
  • Princess Elisabeth Antarctica is an example of how we can deal with climate change – and the actions we can take at a personal and community level to respond to this challenge.

Inside the Station coincides with Belgium’s Antarctic Research mission (BELARE 2012-2013), during which some 30 scientists from Belgium and other countries live and work at Princess Elisabeth Antarctica.

Need more information? Head over to the Inside the Station website  for detailed information on ticketing, guided tours, opening hours and directions.


Author: IPF

Picture: Princess Elisabeth Antarctica - © International Polar Foundation

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