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Live From Antarctica: Saturday December 27th

We have confirmation: the convoy arrives tomorrow! Here we're getting a move on to finish certain stages of the project, which will allow us to immediately use the material brought in from the ship. The most critical thing to do is finish the epoxy layers where some technical elements will be installed. Unfortunately you need to allot a lot of drying time between applications of various layers. It's a race against the clock, which means some have to do night shifts.

Summer finally arrived: 4°C this morning - almost tropical! Our cook is impatiently waiting for the convoy. With the last food order not arriving on the last flight, we're starting to miss certain foodstuffs, but we're not starving! It's just that he can no longer cook the way he wants (which means spoiling us...). Therefore, the question is, will the "kitchen" container be brought in this first convoy?

Nathalie Pattyn

Author: IPF

Picture: International Polar Foundation - © International Polar Foundation

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