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Live from Antarctica: signs difficult to ignore

As you enter the mess tent in the morning, the signs are difficult to ignore. Winter is nearing. Steam comes out of people's mouths, people's hands are tucked in their pockets, the coffee machine warms up more slowly than usual and spots near the stove are hard to come by. Temperatures are falling and short periods of twilight are growing longer and longer.

But this has not slowed down the work being carried out at Utsteinen, much to the contrary. The schedule is maintained and has even been moved ahead in certain respects. Just recently, a last piece of the station was positioned between its two sister pieces so as to "close" the roof of the station. The pace of progress has even allowed certain members of the team to fly out sooner than had been originally forecasted.

After circling around the station a couple of times at low altitude (film footage is always welcome), the converted DC3 plane (which still looks impressive) flew out with Gigi, Didier, René, Jos, Yvan, Thierry and Vincent. After weeks - even months for some of them - of intense communal living, it is normal that such a separation be quite emotional.

The night before, a feast was held in the station with gl

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Picture: Station on ridge - Copyright: IPF / Michel de Wouters - © International Polar Foundation

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