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Merry Christmas

Christmas was celebrated on the night of December 24th, close to the way it is feasted in Belgium. The coast team made it back to the base camp on time, after several hours of severe weather.

In Belgium, such as in many other countries, the Christmas meal is traditionally served on the day before Christmas, on December 24th. It is not known yet what they had to feast on, but what is sure is that the BELARE team members were all together that night and that it was a very nice party.

On December 25th, the wind had dropped and the storm had moved on. Alain and a few other people went to fetch the containers they had left behind, 130 km away from the base camp. They are expected back today with the third traverse of containers, carrying everything that is needed to fix concrete (in some places, the station's feet will be mounted on concrete blocs). The rest of the team was also back to work on the 25th, in order to finish reassembling the crane before the station modules arrive.

Author: IPF

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