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Mounting the Metal Structure

Seven people have left on another traverse. The rest of the team is either working on the ridge, filming those working on the ridge, building new bathroom facilities or cooking away to feed the team.

The building team has begun raising the steel structure which will support the station's platform. A mechanical adjustment system is then used to adapt the positioning of the metal bars with millimetre accuracy. Being that the anchoring stage is unable to carry out such precision, these "crescents" are applied afterwards to correct the inclination of the bars.

With the new rotation of people having come in to the base camp, the need for hot water has increased. Another bathroom is thus being built with a new hot water system thanks to the metal heating rods that had been used for drying the concrete.

Concerning the recent break down of a Prinoth tractor, the team found that water had leaked into the gas tank and reached the engine. The tractor is fully operational again, the team members relieved.

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Picture: Metal Structure - Copyright: International Polar Foundation - © International Polar Foundation

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