First modules arrived in Linkebeek - © International Polar Foundation

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Progress in Linkebeek: Bioreactors Arrived on Site

The water treatment unit's (WTU) two bioreactors are the first sub-units to arrive on site in Linkebeek. The hydraulic system is making good progress at the Laborelec testing facilities, situated in Linkebeek, near Brussels. Other systems and units are also coming along.

Next step on the planning is the technical floor delivery and its integration inside the mock-up. Meanwhile, Laborelec will evaluate the bioreactors and prepare them for their interconnection and mock-up integration, after the 21st of July Belgian national festivities. Total amount of time before final integrated tests: 1.5 month.

Other systems and units also in progression:

  • Hydraulic system: the snow melter unit is undergoing systems design and thermal simulations. The technical core water distribution network is close to completion and hardware will be delivered in the next weeks.
  • Electric systems: hardware is being developed.
  • Programming: first phase of computer programming is underway by Schneider Electric.

Author: IPF

Picture: First modules arrived in Linkebeek - © International Polar Foundation

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