The North is in the forefront and the South towards the Nunatak - © International Polar Foundation

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Science Shelters around the Station

Two outside labs and an automatic weather station are planned around the station. They shall be built during the BELARE 2008-09 expedition, which will tackle the physical integration of the station's technical systems.

The two outside labs will house permanent instruments that are needed for land-based measurements. A first lab will be located on the ice to the north of the station and will be dedicated to geo-sciences, while the other scientific shelter will be located south of the station. Whereas the first one is destined to be an unmanned shelter recording such data as the Earth's crust movements, the latter will be dedicated to atmosphere science and be equipped with an office.

Some of the instruments planned on site:

  • gravimeter: measures variations in the gravitational field of the earth
  • seismometer: measures the actual movement of the ground
  • Global Positioning System (GPS): measures movements in Earth's crust
  • ceilometer: measures and recording the height of clouds
  • magnetometer: measures the intensity of a magnetic field

Author: IPF

Picture: The North is in the forefront and the South towards the Nunatak - © International Polar Foundation

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