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Stormy Weather Hits East Antarctica

The second convoy reached Utsteinen on December 21st (7 30 pm), carrying part of the crane and frozen food to last through mid-March 2008. Strong winds and heavy snow falls are coming down on the Eastern region of Antarctica, announcing a white Christmas for the BELARE 2007-2008 team.

The heavy storm has been raging over the Antarctic continent since this morning and is forecasted to last until Wednesday. Alain and the other ten members of the coast team were making their way back to the base camp to celebrate Christmas but were forced to leave the third convoy of containers along the way, just 130 km from Utsteinen. Visibility was down to zero during their traverse, making progression very slow and dangerous. Driving the tractors was almost impossible, as the GPS was down and the drivers could barely make out each other and the snow crevasses! They made it back to the base camp this morning, arriving safe and sound at 9 30 am.

Winds are forecasted to last through Wednesday. Once the weather is better, the team members will go back and pick up the container convoys left behind. But before they do that, a Christmas dinner will bring the BELARE team members together, a chance to celebrate the fantastic work they are accomplishing.

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Picture: Storm Over Base Camp - Copyright: International Polar Foundation - © International Polar Foundation

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