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The Floor Goes In

It is snowing, the sky is overcast, but the sun still pierces through the clouds. A fresh breeze rises now and then upon the Utsteinen ridge, cooling any extremity that has not been covered. It is -12°C, but who knows what the wind chill is.

Another traverse set off on January 17th. Only 53 containers are left waiting at the coast to be picked up. The driving team, however, is exhausted in trying to keep up with the speed of construction. We have been informed that the construction crew would have to take a day off some time soon, in order for the traverse team to catch up with progress. It is impossible for the Prinoth tractors to go any faster than 41 hours round trip (the local record) and unsafe to attach a fourth trailer onto the tractor.

The floor has started being positioned into the wooden skeleton of the station. Everyone is working like ants around the station and eager to see each piece slot into place. A sigh of relief is released with every step the team accomplishes. Lately, the workmen have simply been shooting ahead.

Weather Information from Utsteinen

Date 18.01.2008
Time 06 54 UTC

  • Wind Speed: 0-2 km/h
  • Visibility: +5 km
  • Temperature: -5.1°C
  • Pressure (QNH): 828 hPa

Author: IPF

Picture: Floor In - Copyright: International Polar Foundation - © International Polar Foundation

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