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The Ivan Papanin Ship Leaves the Port of Antwerp

The Russian ice-class cargo ship Ivan Papanin, carrying on board the Princess Elisabeth station's inside systems, left the port of Antwerp on November 14 at 1 pm, local time. After a first stop in Cape Town in about three weeks' time, the ship will reach Antarctica a short while before Christmas time.

The 38 containers of equipment needed to bring the station into full operation mode by the end of the season were loaded onto the ship on November 13 in Antwerp. That's just one day after the First In expedition members of BELARE 2008-09 reached the station in Utsteinen.

Onboard the ship is the Russian crew composing of 25 members. In Cape Town, twelve more people will climb on board (a couple of scientists working for the Census of Antarctic Marine Life which is an International Polar Year project, several members from Laberelec which is the energy research centre of the GDF SUEZ group, one of the station's "main sponsors", and a photographer).

This year the ship is being shared between the Belgians, Germans and Norwegians.

Stops in Antarctica:

  • Atka Bay ( for the German Neumayer station)
  • 5° East (for the Norwegian Troll station)
  • Breid Bay (for the Belgian Princess Elisabeth station)

Author: IPF

Picture: Ivan Papanin and Princess Elisabeth Container - © International Polar Foundation

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