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The Princess Elisabeth Station Displayed at Pleinschool’s Open Door Day

Students in the 11th grade at the Pleinschool in Kortijk (Courtrai) used the Princess Elisabeth Station as a main theme at the school's open door day on May 10th.

For this occasion, the geography class chose to display a series of posters explaining the various aspects of the Princess Elisabeth Station. Students used the Princess Elisabeth Station's official website along with the publication "Belgium and Antarctica - Discovery, Science and Environment", edited by the Belgian Science Policy Office (BELSPO), to help them create their poster presentation.

Ten themes were covered by ten posters in the presentation, including:

  • Chronology of the station project
  • Geography of Antarctica (climate and landscape)
  • Antarctic Fauna and flora
  • Belgians in Antarctica
  • Primary research stations in Antarctica
  • The concept behind the Princess Elisabeth Station
  • Building the Princess Elisabeth Station
  • Putting the Princess Elisabeth Station's interior together
  • The Princess Elisabeth Station and the environment
  • Research at the Princess Elisabeth Station

The ten posters were set up inside the geography class, beside a presentation about Darwin and a display of fossils. The poster exhibition was very popular, receiving visitors throughout the day. Today, the posters continue to decorate the walls of the geography classroom and attract the attention of the wandering eye.

Throughout the school year, the geography class had studied the Princess Elisabeth Station. For two years now, the Princess Elisabeth Station has been suggested as a subject of study for 11th graders. Using the material posted on the IPF's websites, students were able to learn more about Antarctica's features and ice cover while wondering what life at the station would be like.

Author: IPF

Picture: Antarctica Posters - © International Polar Foundation

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