Princess Elisabeth Antartica November 6th - © International Polar Foundation

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Welcome to Princess Elisabeth Antarctica!

The 2023-2024 season is off to an active start as the Belgian Antarctic Research Expedition (BELARE) lead team arrived at the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica research station!

On the evening of November 6th, the first members of the 2023-2024 BELARE team arrived at the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica research station after a smooth departure from Cape Town, South Africa. After being inactive for eight months, the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica station joyfully welcomed both familiar and fresh faces!

The lead team has begun their work, clearing away the accumulated winter snow and switching the station into active mode, which includes restarting the station's water production and treatment systems and preparing vehicles for field expeditions. Powered by 100% renewable wind and solar energy, the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica will be ready to welcome the first group of scientists in early December.

To keep up with the BELARE team and the season's scientific adventures, be sure to visit our websites and check out our social media profiles. 

Stay tunned!

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Picture: Princess Elisabeth Antartica November 6th - © International Polar Foundation

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