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Princess Elisabeth Antarctica: The Book

You've been following the Antarctic adventure online - now you can make it your bedtime read too! Princess Elisabeth Antarctica - And the Zero Emissions Quest is packed with breathtaking photographs that tell the story, from the the beginning of an idea, through determination in tough conditions, years of hard work and the eventual realisation of a dream - the creation of the first zero emission Antarctic scientific research base.

  • Princess Elisabeth Antarctica

  • Emperor penguins, page 21

  • Princess Elisabeth Antarctica:Building the Future, Page 97

  • The Ivan Papanin at Crown Bay, BELARE 2007-2008. Page 105

  • Reconnaissance of Polarhav on Breid Bay, December 2005, Page 75

  • Schematic of Princess Elisabeth Antarctica, Page 170

  • On the Shoulders of Giants, Page 176

  • The long Antarctic night closes in - Page 274

  • Hideaki Kojima, Curator of Japan's NIPR Meteorite Collection, examines a find from the Balchenfjella field. Page 198

  • Ships in the night. Page 180

  • A unique view. Page 146

  • Princess Elisabeth Antarctica, Page 12

  • The Road Less Travelled, Page 28

  • Skidoos in the sunlight.