Book: Princess Elisabeth Antarctica - and the Zero Emissions Quest - © International Polar Foundation

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Book: Princess Elisabeth Antarctica - and the Zero Emissions Quest

You've been following the Antarctic adventure online - now you can make it your bedtime read too! Princess Elisabeth Antarctica - And the Zero Emissions Quest is packed with breathtaking photographs that tell the story, from the the beginning of an idea, through determination in tough conditions, years of hard work and the eventual realisation of a dream - the creation of the first zero emission Antarctic scientific research base.

Written by Princess Elisabeth Antarctica's Programme Director, Nighat Amin, this 288-page, stunning large-format volume (with text in English, French and Dutch, and published by Racine) is a testament to the power of combining the mobility of a small reactive team of workers on the ice of Antarctica, the strength of corporate and public partners who understood the importance of polar science and the goal of zero emissions, and the International Polar Foundation, who acted as a catalyst to show how a strong spirit of entrepreneurship between business, governments and citizens can achieve a low carbon future, and successfully meet the climate challenge.

It all began when a small group of people, led by polar explorer Alain Hubert, came up with the idea of building a new scientific research station in Antarctica. They wanted to design a station that would not only comply with the spirit and and rules of the environmental protocols of of the Antarctic Treaty, it would surpass them. They developed a the current successful - and aesthetically stunning prototype "zero emission", powered by the wind and sun. Princess Elisabeth Antarctica is not only a physical structure, and a feat of technology, it has become a potent international symbol for a new way of thinking about how we use energy, not only in the frozen continent, but in ever home and business around the world.

The Antarctic adventure continues...

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Picture: Book: Princess Elisabeth Antarctica - and the Zero Emissions Quest - © International Polar Foundation

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