Princess Elisabeth and Prince Philippe Visit Antarctic Station Exhibition - © International Polar Foundation/Dieter Telemans

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Princess Elisabeth and Prince Philippe Visit Antarctic Station Exhibition

Their Royal Highnesses, Prince Philippe, and his daughter Princess Elisabeth of Belgium visited the “Inside the Station” exhibition at Tour & Taxis, Brussels today, an interactive journey inside the iconic zero emission polar research station, Princess Elisabeth Antarctica. The station was named in honour of Her Royal Highness Princess Elisabeth on its inauguration in 2009, so we take special pride in the Princess’ visit. 

“It is a great honour for the Foundation to welcome our honorary president His Royal Highness Prince Philippe, and Princess Elisabeth to Inside the Station today”, said International Polar Foundation Executive Director Thierry Touchais. “We fondly remember the “good luck” wishes HRH Princess Elisabeth recorded in 2009 for Alain Hubert and the construction team in Antarctica for the station’s inauguration. In a week when 49 foreign delegations are here in Brussels for the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting, the Foundation is proud to pursue its mission by sharing the achievement of Princess Elisabeth Antarctica, which continues to showcase Belgium on the international stage”.

Inside the Station features reconstructions of the polar research station and its environment, which give visitors the opportunity to experience to daily life in the frozen South, the importance of polar science, and the continuing evolution of the world’s first zero emission polar research facility, along with:

  • The technologies used at Princess Elisabeth Antarctica– the smart grid, the renewable energy systems, the space-age water treatment plant and more
  • The incredible Antarctic environment
  • Logistics – arduous journeys to and in the Antarctic – using satellites, aircraft, ships, and tractors
  • The science – the scientific programmes at Princess Elisabeth Antarctica, which help learn more about our planet’s mechanisms
  • Daily life – working, eating, sleeping and managing energy
  • Princess Elisabeth Antarctica as an example of how we can deal with climate change – and the actions we can take at a personal and community level to respond to this challenge
  • Belgian Antarctic Research Expeditions (BELARE), when more than 30 scientists from Belgium and other countries live and work at Princess Elisabeth Antarctica through the season.

Five years after displaying the polar station at Tour & Taxis, the International Polar Foundation welcomes the public to once again share in the success story that is Princess Elisabeth Antarctica.
Inside the Station opened at Tour & Taxis, Brussels on December 22, 2012, and runs until May 31, 2013.

Author: IPF

Picture: Princess Elisabeth and Prince Philippe Visit Antarctic Station Exhibition - © International Polar Foundation/Dieter Telemans

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