Financial Partners

Without the support of these Financials Partners, the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica adventure could not exist. We take this opportunity to thank them all for believing in the project and for supporting us all the way through.

  • GDF SUEZ - Electrabel

    GDF SUEZ - Electrabel

    One of the leading energy providers in the world, GDF SUEZ is active across the entire energy value chain, in electricity and natural gas, upstream to downstream. On that basis, GDF SUZE and its subsidiary Electrabel have become involved in the polar research station, thereby highlighting their dedication to the quest for innovative and wide-ranging solutions in support of sustainable development.

  • Umicore


    Umicore is a global materials technology group. It focuses on application areas where its expertise in materials science, chemistry and metallurgy makes a real difference. Its activities are centred on four business areas: Catalysis, Energy Materials, Performance Materials and Recycling.

  • CMB Group

    CMB Group

    CMB, Compagnie Maritime Belge, is a maritime group with its registered offices in Antwerp. The CMB Group's main activities are all directly or indirectly related to the shipping industry, transport of dry cargo and related financial activities.

  • Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric

    The world leader in electricity and automation management, Schneider Electric harnesses electricity to support customer performance and enhance quality of life. Thanks to a unique portfolio of products and services, we offer integrated, intelligent and networked solutions that allow customers to use electricity in complete safety, develop automation everywhere, improve energy efficiency, ensure high-quality power supply and manage building utilities and communication networks.

  • Belgian National Lottery

    Belgian National Lottery

    The National Lottery, first donor in Belgium. "Contribute to community welfare", such is the mission of the Belgian National Lottery. It fulfills this goal by contributing back a large fraction of its earnings into Society, through financing projects in a wide array of fields: humanitarian, social, sports, sciences, culture and sustainable development.

  • Alpro


    Alpro is a pioneer in the European soya food and drinks market. For more than 25 years, we have produced and commercialised delicious products preserving all the qualities of soya beans and did so in a fair and healthy way. Share our dream of a healthier world.

  • Belgacom


    The Belgacom Group is Belgium's reference provider of integrated telecommunication services. Bolstered by its long-standing experience as Belgium's incumbent operator and its capacity for innovation, the Belgacom Group is able to provide all its corporate, private and institutianal customers with a comprehensive range of offers and solutions in fixed and mobile networks.

  • Dexia


    Dexia, european banking group, is the world leader in public-sector financing and financial services for the local public sector, a major retail bank in Belgium and Luxembourg, a recognized provider of investment management services.

  • InBev-Baillet Latour Fund

    InBev-Baillet Latour Fund

    The objective of the INBEV-BAILLET LATOUR FUND is to encourage work of great value to humanity and to reward such work through prizes or study grants. We teamed up with the International Polar Foundation to create the InBev-Baillet Latour Antarctica Fellowship, through which we are awarding yearly grants for the polar science and climate chnage related studies.

  • Lhoist Group

    Lhoist Group

    The Lhoist Group, which is an expert in lime and dolomite. We are contributing every day to the improvement of everyone's quality of life by offering innovative products designed to protect the environment (treatment of gases, drinking water, polluted soils and sludge). Lhoist Group also produces calcium reagents which are used in manufacturing processes in numerous industries (iron and steel, glass, chemicals, paper, civil engineering, agriculture, eco-building).