Princess Elisabeth Antarctica

Scientific Projects

Princess Elisabeth, like all stations in Antarctica, is a scientific research facility. In this section, you will find a short presentation of all science projects conducted at the station.

  • Unmanned magnetometer at Utsteinen, Princess Elisabeth Antarctica, part of the joint JARE-PEA program - Alexander Mangold

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    JARE: Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition

    Princess Elisabeth Antarctica is proud to host several projects under the name of the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition (JARE), which incorporates several Japanese governmental agencies cooperatively conducting research in the region.

  • Alain Hubert taking up GPS positions on the Antarctic Plateau for the Glacioclim project - International Polar Foundation - RenĂ© Robert

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    GLACIOCLIM: studying glaciers and climate

    Glacioclim is a project studying the relationship between glaciers and climate. The Antarctic component of the project, conducted in collaboration with BELARE, aims at monitoring the surface mass balance of Antarctica to gather a data base of glacio-meteorological data and ...

  • Olivier Francis at work in a scientific shelter - International Polar Foundation

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    GIANT: Deformations of Earth’s Crust

    GIANT-LISSA is an acronym for "Geodesy for Ice in ANTarctica" and "Lithospheric and Intraplate Structure and Seismicity in Antarctica". That project intends on improving scientific knowledge about land mass changes since the last glacial period and climate-related mechanisms, but also ...

  • Installing the BELISSIMA radar - International Polar Foundation

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    BELISSIMA: Understanding Ice Dynamics

    This glaciology project aims at analysing ice shelf and ice sheet movements and dynamics in Antarctica in order to improve scientific models. The Antarctic Ice Sheets is the biggest ice mass of our planet and it could have a big ...