Taking pictures and filming on the ice


Through these small videos, we hope to give you a taste of what it is like to work and live at the Princess Elisabeth Station. We tried to cover a broad range of topics and uploaded parts of our archives to do so. We hope you'll like it.

  • Kids drawings for Antarctica Day

    in Education

    Kids drawings for Antarctica Day

    On December 1st, Princess Elisabeth Antarctica participated in “Antarctica Day” in celebration of Antarctic Treaty’s signature. Fifty kids from around the world sent us flags they…

  • Discovering the 18kg Antarctic Meteorite

    in Science

    Discovering the 18kg Antarctic Meteorite

    Here's a video showing the discovery of a meteorite weighing 18kg on the ice sheet, by scientists working at Princess Elisabeth Antarctica. The discovery, which took place on January 28 2013,…

  • Emperor penguin colony discovered

    in Science, Daily Life

    Emperor penguin colony discovered

    Three members of the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica team have the honour of being the first humans to have visited and photographed a newly-discovered 9,000-strong colony of emperor penguins on Antarctica…

  • What You Can Learn from a Seismometer

    in Science

    What You Can Learn from a Seismometer

    PEA sits in an area full of opportunities to learn more about plate tectonics, the Earth's core and the region's fascinating geological history. Join Denis Lombardi as he explains...

  • Installing VHF Antennae and Repeaters

    in Logistics

    Installing VHF Antennae and Repeaters

    In order to have communications between the station and teams in the field using VHF radio, repeaters and antennae have to be installed at critical locations (route to coast, route…

  • Helicopters: unloading and first flight

    in Logistics

    Helicopters: unloading and first flight

    Helicopters at Princess Elisabeth: a first! After the unloading, rotors are mounted and engines are checked before the first take off. One of the pilots is also explaining the conditions…

  • Unloading The Mary Arctica

    in Logistics

    Unloading The Mary Arctica

    In this short video, Alain Hubert explains the difficulties faced by the team during the unloading of the Mary Arctica in Crown Bay. 240 Tons of equipment were unloaded in just…

  • Windy Weather

    in Daily Life

    Windy Weather

    See what it's like to be in Antarctica with winds blowing at around 100 km/h! While winds in summer are mild compared to winter ones, there have been many summer…

  • Antarctic Ice Explained

    in Science, Education

    Antarctic Ice Explained

    Dr. Katherine Leonard and Alain Hubert give you the 101 about antarctic ice. Discover the differences between sea ice and ice-shelves and their influence on sea levels.