Taking pictures and filming on the ice

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Every season, we publish pictures from Antarctica and we now have quite an archive available. You can follow the life of the Princess Elisabeth Station from its origins in Brussels until the present.

  • Keeping Busy at PEA

    in Logistics, Infrastructure

    Keeping Busy at PEA

    While waiting for the boat to arrive with the componetns of the new water treatment system and supplies, the BELARE has been keeping busy with various tasks, from making upgrades…

  • Visit of VIPS to PEA

    in Daily Life, Management

    Visit of VIPS to PEA

    During the second week of January 2023, a number of VIPs visited the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica and learned about its zero-emission design!

  • Hunting_for_Meteorites

    in Science


    The latest BELARE meteorite expedition, under the acronym BAMM (Belgian Antarctic Meteorites and Micrometeorites), speant several weeks hunting for meteorites in December 2022 and January 2023. The team consisted of four resaerchers:…

  • Storm at PEA!

    in Daily Life

    Storm at PEA!

    In December 2022, a summer storm hit the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica. Despite the 100 km/h winds and reduced visibility, the PEA crew didn't stop working!

  • Too Much Snow!

    in Daily Life, Infrastructure

    Too Much Snow!

    One of the frist tasks the team undertakes when it arrives at the Pricness Elisabeth Antarctica at the start of each season is removing snow from the station. During the…

  • Heading to PEA!

    in Daily Life, Logistics

    Heading to PEA!

    The first team of the 2022-23 season arrived at PEA at the end of November 2022. While many veterans are used to the journey between Cape Town and the Princess…