Taking pictures and filming on the ice

Picture Galleries

Every season, we publish pictures from Antarctica and we now have quite an archive available. You can follow the life of the Princess Elisabeth Station from its origins in Brussels until the present.

  • Last module goes in

    in Building the station

    Last module goes in

    This picture gallery details the last module being added to the station. The station is now closed but there is still work to do before the team leaves Antarctica.

  • Life at Utsteinen

    in Daily Life

    Life at Utsteinen

    This picture gallery will allow you to locate the various corners of activity at the Utsteinen premises.

  • Superstructure and First Modules

    in Building the station

    Superstructure and First Modules

    This picture gallery shows how the station has been taking form since the beginning of January. When the wooden superstructure was finished, the first modules were placed against the exterior…

  • Who is Who BELARE 2007-2008

    in Daily Life

    Who is Who BELARE 2007-2008

    This picture gallery is presenting you people participating in the BELARE 2007-2008 expedition. Some pictures and / or bios are still missing but will be added as soon as we get…

  • Up on its Feet

    in Building the station

    Up on its Feet

    The Princess Elisabeth Antarctica Station has now successfully been anchored into the granite rock. The building team has raised the station upon its steel feet and is currently working on…

  • New Year’s Eve Party

    in Daily Life

    New Year’s Eve Party

    This picture sequence shows you how an improvised party in the middleof nowhere can bubble with creativity. The idea behind this NewYear's Eve party was to decorate a white pair…

  • Preparing Utsteinen Site

    in Building the station

    Preparing Utsteinen Site

    Before the Prinoth tractors start hauling back the 120 containers filled with the Station's elements, certain work had to be completed on site. This picture gallery paints the picture of the…