Taking pictures and filming on the ice

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Every season, we publish pictures from Antarctica and we now have quite an archive available. You can follow the life of the Princess Elisabeth Station from its origins in Brussels until the present.

  • Loading the Mary Arctica at Zeebrugge

    in Logistics

    Loading the Mary Arctica at Zeebrugge

    We documented the loading of the Mary Arctica, the ship that is transporting cargo to Antarctica for BELARE 10.  It took 10 hours to load 45 containers of equipment and supplies (including…

  • Daily balloon launches

    in Science

    Daily balloon launches

    Every day at noon, scientists from the Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium launch a meteorological balloon close to the Princess Elisabeth station. Lightweight instruments that measure temperature, pressure and humidity…

  • Crevasse training in The field

    in Logistics

    Crevasse training in The field

    Crevasses are one of the many dangers of Antarctica. At the beginning of every season, field guides and the doctor organise a training session for everybody. They need to know…