Taking pictures and filming on the ice


Through these small videos, we hope to give you a taste of what it is like to work and live at the Princess Elisabeth Station. We tried to cover a broad range of topics and uploaded parts of our archives to do so. We hope you'll like it.

  • Polar Science at the Princess Elisabeth Station

    in Science

    Polar Science at the Princess Elisabeth Station

    Far more than a mere symbol of Belgium's return to Antarctica, the Princess Elisabeth Station is first and foremost an Antarctic research station. As such, it welcomes scientists from everywhere…

  • Team Change at Utsteinen

    in Daily Life

    Team Change at Utsteinen

    As the Lidia (from ALCI) lands at Utsteinen, it brings a new group of visitors to the Princess Elisabeth Station. Among the newcomers are Johan Berte, the new kitchen crew,…

  • The JARE 51 Expedition

    in Science

    The JARE 51 Expedition

    After the successful offloading of the Mary Arctica and the Shirase at Crown Bay, the Belgo-Japanese expedition departed on its traverse. Within the framework of the collaboration with JARE 51 (Japanese…