Technical Partners

Technical partners of the Princess Elisabeth Station contributed "in kind" by providing the project with material, equipment and conceptual expertise, freely or at a reduced cost. Thanks to all of you!

  • Samyn and Partners

    Samyn and Partners

    Founded in 1980, Samyn and Partners is active in all fields of architecture and building engineering. Its architectural and engineering design approach is based on questioning which can be summarised as a "why" methodology. The firm approaches projects openly to all sorts of possibilities whilst listening, closely to its clients demands. Samyn and Partners were in charge of the engineering and technical design for the structure and the shell of the station.

  • Prefalux


    Prefalux is a general construction company comprising nine different building trades and specialising in the delivery of ambitious projects. Excelling particularly in wood construction, finishings and joinery, Prefalux undertakes all aspects of the project, including strategy development, space management, and technical supervision of the building site.

  • Gralex


    Gralex is an equally shared subsidiary company of the cement companies Holcim and CBR, its principal activity is the extraction of rock and alluvial solid masses. We extract 4 main types of quarry materials: porphyry, limestone, sandstone & gravel, thereby responding to the specific needs of the construction industry and of major infrastructure constructions.

  • Velum


    VELUM is specialised in sculptural and aesthetic coverings made of textile and has developped its own calculation techniques and computer models. For the Princess Elisabeth Station VELUM has applied its software to draw and visualise the shape of the rocks on which the station is built.

  • Martin Menuisiers

    Martin Menuisiers

    Martin Menuisiers S.A. specialises in external woodwork and carpentry. Our tailor made products and expertise have been used in the framework of the construction of the Princess Elisabeth station, a project we are very proud to have participated in.

  • Iemants NV

    Iemants NV

    Iemants N.V. is an international steel construction company with over 50 years of experience in the construction, fabrication, supply and assembly of steel constructions. Within the Smulders Group organization, Iemants and Willems Staalconstructies N.V. represent the High-grade Constructions division.

  • Ministère belge de la défense

    Ministère belge de la défense

    The Defence Department is often considered to be a rather specific institution. By contributing in real terms to the IPF project and the SPP federal science policy with the new Princess Elisabeth station, the Department also wants to associate itself with innovative projects which offer the promise of hope.

  • Fruytier Group

    Fruytier Group

    Fruytier was founded in 1946 initially as a softwood merchant. Started in 1987, sawmill activities reach today a daily capacity of 8.000 m³ in round wood. With 5 sawmills in Belgium, as well as 3 lines in Germany, under the Karl Decker brand name, Fruytier Group is now among the leaders in Europe.