Technical Partners

Technical partners of the Princess Elisabeth Station contributed "in kind" by providing the project with material, equipment and conceptual expertise, freely or at a reduced cost. Thanks to all of you!

  • Samyn and Partners

    Samyn and Partners

    Founded in 1980, Samyn and Partners is active in all fields of architecture and building engineering. Its architectural and engineering design approach is based on questioning which can be summarised as a "why" methodology. The firm approaches projects openly to all sorts of possibilities whilst listening, closely to its clients demands. Samyn and Partners were in charge of the engineering and technical design for the structure and the shell of the station.

  • Aeriane


    Aeriane is a SME providing services in the field of technological and industrial subcontracting.  We take care of your projects from the design to the production phase and offer know-how in engineering and industrial design, electromechanical construction and composite material development and production.

  • SECO


    As one of the most outstanding technical control bodies in Belgium, Seco helps to manage the quality standards of all types of construction projects. This technical control allows the granting of a ten-year insurance covering the liability of all parties involved by means of one single insurance contract delivered by a majority of all Belgian insurances companies.

  • Mommaerts & Sorel

    Mommaerts & Sorel

    Mommaerts & Sorel specialises in the coordination and safety of temporary and mobile building sites subjected to the regulation: industrial, commercial, professional, residential, constructions, transformations, etc.

  • Agence Bruxelloise pour l’Entreprise

    Agence Bruxelloise pour l’Entreprise

    The Brussels Enterprise Agency (BEA) is a key strategic regional partner for Brussels based businesses. It offers high-quality, timely and appropriate business information and tools to foreign investors, local start-ups and SMEs and provides them with support in areas such as starting up, financing, public grants, town planning regulations, environmental permits and other formalities.

  • Eco Process Assistance (EPAS)

    Eco Process Assistance (EPAS)

    EPAS (Eco Process Assistance) is a company specialised in wastewater treatment services for industries. EPAS is active on an international level and provides process-technical expertise and assistance. The consultancy and engineering services enclose an integrated approach which guarantees the best solutions for waste water treatment and rational water management.

  • Communication Audiovisual Services (C.A.S.)

    Communication Audiovisual Services (C.A.S.)

    Communication Audiovisual Services (C.A.S.) is a firm specialising in audiovisual services both in the public and the private sectors. C.A.S. organises on average 3 events a day: we take care of the transport, assembly and dismantling of all the technical material and provide full technical support during the whole event, with our own technicians and engineers.

  • Laborelec


    Laborelec is the GDF SUEZ Group's technical competence and research centre for electricity. In the framwork of the Princess Elisabeth Polar Station, Laborelec took charge of the detailed design, assembly and commissioning trials for the technical core of the station, using an electrical system completely powered by renewable sources of energy.

  • Iemants NV

    Iemants NV

    Iemants N.V. is an international steel construction company with over 50 years of experience in the construction, fabrication, supply and assembly of steel constructions. Within the Smulders Group organization, Iemants and Willems Staalconstructies N.V. represent the High-grade Constructions division.

  • Institut von Karman (VKI)

    Institut von Karman (VKI)

    VKI is a non-profit organisation providing post-graduate education, undertaking and promoting research in the field of fluid dynamics. It possesses about fifty different wind tunnels, turbomachinery and other specialized test facilities, some of which are unique or the largest in the world.