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Every season, we publish pictures from Antarctica and we now have quite an archive available. You can follow the life of the Princess Elisabeth Station from its origins in Brussels until the present.

  • NIPR Geologists Reach Base Camp

    in Science, Logistics

    NIPR Geologists Reach Base Camp

    With high spirits despite the hard work, the team has guided the geologists from the National Institute of Polar Research to their base camp at Austkampane, where they will stay…

  • BELARE 2011-2012: A New Season Begins

    in Logistics

    BELARE 2011-2012: A New Season Begins

    The dawn of a new season is a bit of a ritual at Princess Elisabeth: removing accumulated snow, checking the air strip, running a few tests before restarting the systems…

  • Clearing up

    in Daily Life, Logistics

    Clearing up

    During the winter, snow accumulates at the foot of the Usteinen Nunatak, covering the entrances to the technical areas, which protects them from the harsh conditions prevailing during this time…

  • More Provisions Have Arrived!

    in Logistics

    More Provisions Have Arrived!

    The Basler has come to resupply the Belgian and Japanese expeditions; relations between the neighbouring expeditions are warm and friendly. The weather has been getting worse...but no worries. Everybody…

  • Crown Bay: Unloading the Ivan Papanin ship

    in Logistics

    Crown Bay: Unloading the Ivan Papanin ship

    The Russian ice class cargo ship named Ivan Papanin reached its unloading site in Crown Bay on December 21st, 2008. Crown Bay lies roughly 190 km away from Utsteinen and the Princess…

  • Coastal Reconnaissance

    in Logistics

    Coastal Reconnaissance

    Alain Hubert, René Robert, Kristof Soete and René Wagemans were part of the coastal reconnaissance team which left for Breid Bay on November 28th and returned to the…

  • Ivan Papanin: Loading and Departure

    in Logistics

    Ivan Papanin: Loading and Departure

    The Ivan Papanin was loaded on November 13th. It is carrying on board the technical systems of the Princess Elisabeth station to Antarctica. The ship left Antwerp on November 14th…