Taking pictures and filming on the ice

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Every season, we publish pictures from Antarctica and we now have quite an archive available. You can follow the life of the Princess Elisabeth Station from its debuts in Brussels until now.

  • Weather Sets the Pace

    in Daily Life, Logistics

    Weather Sets the Pace

    Activities carry on at Princess Elisabeth Antarctica in difficult weather conditions. The team now prepares to offload the Mary Arctica at Crown Bay and to welcome the team of German…

  • Storm Locks Team up

    in Daily Life, Infrastructure

    Storm Locks Team up

    For the last few days, weather as been terrible as a storm hit us hard. The Princess Elisabeth team is thus concentrating on important tasks to be carried out inside…

  • Encounters at the Coast

    in Science, Daily Life

    Encounters at the Coast

    Seals and penguins are the iconic animals of Antarctica. When you're spending a few days at the coast for a scientific expedition, you are sure to meet some of them…

  • Clearing up

    in Daily Life, Logistics

    Clearing up

    During the winter, snow accumulates at the foot of the Usteinen Nunatak, covering the entrances to the technical areas, which protects them from the harsh conditions prevailing during this time…

  • First Traverse to the Coast

    in Daily Life

    First Traverse to the Coast

    A first team has driven to the coast with members of JARE 51 to do some reconnaisance and prepare the offloading area at Crown Bay.

  • A Sunday out

    in Daily Life

    A Sunday out

    It has been a tough week, and the team, althoug a little tired, took out the ski-doos to go explore the "dry valleys". After this very unique experience, all of…