Taking pictures and filming on the ice

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Every season, we publish pictures from Antarctica and we now have quite an archive available. You can follow the life of the Princess Elisabeth Station from its origins in Brussels until the present.

  • Clearing up

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    Clearing up

    During the winter, snow accumulates at the foot of the Usteinen Nunatak, covering the entrances to the technical areas, which protects them from the harsh conditions prevailing during this time…

  • First Traverse to the Coast

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    First Traverse to the Coast

    A first team has driven to the coast with members of JARE 51 to do some reconnaisance and prepare the offloading area at Crown Bay.

  • A Sunday out

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    A Sunday out

    It has been a tough week, and the team, althoug a little tired, took out the ski-doos to go explore the "dry valleys". After this very unique experience, all of…

  • Works in Progress

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    Works in Progress

    After the snow had piled up everywhere and wrapped the station in a white blanket, the sun finally came back. The drilling for the anchoring of the satellite antenna can…

  • The new base camp is ready!

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    The new base camp is ready!

    At the time when snow petrels are returning to their nesting sites at Utsteinen, the team faces its first bad weather of the season. The new base camp is ready,…

  • The first tasks of the season

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    The first tasks of the season

    At Utsteinen, the station has been subjected to the harsh Antarctic winter on her own. When the team arrives on November 11th 2009, they can see there will be a lot…

  • Wim Tellier in Antarctica

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    Wim Tellier in Antarctica

    Protect 7-7 is a unique art exhibit which was held on the 7th continent. Wim Tellier, the author, wanted to find a place everyone would recognize to be Antarctica where…

  • Into the Polar Night

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    Into the Polar Night

    Come the month of March, the Antarctic daylight gradually fades into the deep darkness of winter. The station will have to live up to some fearcefull winds and extremely low…