Princess Elisabeth Antarctica viewed from the sky

News from Antarctica

Interested in what's happening down at Princess Elisabeth? News from the field are posted here regularily to keep you updated about what's going on.

  • The team helps offloading the Basler DC-3 that just landed - © International Polar Foundation

    in Daily Life, Logistics

    Some Leave, Others Arrive

    On December 23rd, at 7.30 am, the nice weather finally returned. This allowed us to resume the twin-engine DC3/Basler rotations between Novolazarevskaya and our station.

  • Snow accumulation around the station's solar panels - © International Polar Foundation

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    Weather Permitting

    All Antarctic activities are subjected to the law of the elements. This is even truer this season than during the previous ones. Besides the poor weather conditions we had upon…

  • The team on its way to the coast - © International Polar Foundation

    in Science, Logistics

    A Successful Trip to the Coast

    At 10 o'clock on Thurday morning, a team led by Alain Hubert left Utsteinen to set up the first base camp of the BELISSIMA project at the coast, some 200km north…

  • Guiding the Japanese geologists through the white-out - © International Polar Foundation

    in Science, Logistics

    Straight Through the White-Out

    Our first Mission this year was to drive the Japanese to their first base camp, 76km away from the station. What should have been a simple task turned into quite…

  • Garages completely covered in snow - © International Polar Foundation

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    A Whole Lot of Snow

    Flying into Antarctica from Cape Town (South Africa), the first members of the 2011-2012 BELARE Expedition (Belgian Antarctic Research) set foot in Utsteinen on November 16th after a stop at…

  • Militaries loading the containers - © International Polar Foundation

    in Logistics

    Loading Operations at Wervik

    Extreme expeditions require exceptional logistics, and this is especially true for Antarctica. Preparing the 2011-2012 season, a special operations team packed and loaded the freight cargo to be shipped to…

  • The blue ice on the Antarctic Plateau - © International Polar Foundation - RenĂ© Robert

    in Science, Daily Life, Logistics

    We Are StarDust (part 2)

    The Antarctic Plateau is unlike anything that you have ever seen, and even the most talented writers or photographers have systematically failed to capture its many-faceted no-holds barred un-sentimentality. The…